The process is usually more involved and complex than constructing the same swimming pool from scratch. A comprehensive understanding of pool installation procedures and a proper grasp of filtration systems are essential to fully appreciate the extent of work required for what may seem like a minor swimming pool renovation project.

We have been actively involved in the renovation of numerous high-end luxury pools, categorising these projects into two distinct types:

Enhancing Aesthetics: This involves giving an older pool a fresh, new look. We typically replace the white capping stone with ceramic edging and pave the rest of the terrace with the same material to ensure the pool level aligns with the terrace. Outdated lights are replaced with energy-efficient options such as white LED or coloured ones. Additionally, we often upgrade the pool tiles and eliminate the “Greek border.” Typically, the pool’s filter contains sand that, over the years, solidifies. We replace this with glass filtration granules, enhancing the filtration process and preventing it from turning into a solid mass.

Adding Special Features: At times, we introduce new equipment or features to an already operational pool. This may include a Salt Electrolysis system, a PH regulation system, and a heating system. For these tasks, we request information and pictures to assess the required work and provide a rough quotation before scheduling a visit.

Whether it’s rejuvenating an ageing pool or introducing modern features to a functional one, we’re here to assist!

We are delighted to showcase our latest completed projects in the Alicante area, featuring swimming pool repairs and renovations. Explore the Before & After pictures to witness the transformation during the building process. Click on the images below for more details.