Complete House Renovation

Coveta Fuma – Alicante


We have been contracted to perform a complete renovation of a house in Coveta Fuma, Alicante. Our work included creating an open-plan living and kitchen area, refurbishing the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as renovating the swimming pool and landscaping the home’s exterior.

In this article, we will describe the swimming pool renovation process. However, we also have a full article about the entire villa renovation process on our website

The pool renovation involved demolishing the old inside steps, removing the existing tiles and disposing of them, building new and properly sized round interior steps, re-tiling the entire swimming pool, installing new LED lights (with only 16W each, compared to the old ones of 300W), repairing both skimmers, fixing the inside of the pump house, replacing the pool pump, and refilling the pool filter with glass sand.

Now, after the pool has been retiled and refilled, it looks very inviting, making it the perfect place to spend warm seasons, which is almost three-quarters of the year. Additionally, there is a BBQ and a sitting area, making it the perfect place for summer evenings to enjoy a delicious steak and drinks with family and friends.

BBQ area renovated

Below are some pictures of the job process. By moving the slider, you can find the Before and After state of this project.


Client location:
Coveta fuma, Alicante, Spain

Project Type:
House and Swimming Pool renovation

Project Included:

  • Demolishing inside steps
  • Removing existing pool tiles
  • Building corner proper steps
  • Re-tile the entire pool
  • Install new pool lights
  • Repair both skimmers
  • Repair pump house
  • Replace the pump
  • Refill pool filter with glass sand

Project Status:
Completed in November 2019

Swimming pool renovationSwimming pool renovation

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