Our construction process from start to finish

We build fast and efficiently, with competitive pricing structures and aggressive scheduling.

For example, an 8 x 4 m Swimming pool we’ll have it finished in 15 days!

In the Pictures below, we show you how we build the gunite concrete swimming pools.
We’ll detail for you the process, because we want you to understand why we are the best in the field in Costa Blanca area.

1. After the excavation, according to the measures of the pool depth is compacted and leveled the bottom (floor) with gravel.

2. Build the pool walls and Concrete spray “GUNITE” via wet concrete in several layers, pumped at high pressure and with a thickness of the walls 15cm and 20 cm the bottom, the speed this process allows finishing on the same day. That makes that the structure of the pool hardens in one piece.

2. Tiling the pool walls and floor with the chosen mosaic colour and grout.

4 . After the pool is tiled, we prepare levels for the terrace around, build a concrete layer and lay the finishing material: Carzy paving, Slabs or tiles.

Before and After images. By slidindg the cursor, you can reveal the state of the garden, from before and after the job was completed. an amazing transformation of the back garden.

    Details of the process for an 8x4m Swimming Pool with “Roman Steps”:

· Dig the hole;
· Build walls for Swimming Pool;
· Fit Iron mesh;
· Fit iron bars;
· Spray (“Gunite”) the walls 15cm and 20cm the bottom;
· Build brick Steps;
· Fit 2 skimmers;
· Fit 3 water jets;
· Fit 1 hoover connector;
· Fit 1 water drain (bottom pool);
· Finish with ceramic blue tiles;
· Connect one pool light 100W x 12V;
· Fit pump house for pool( fiber glass) 1 m x 1 m;
· Connect electrics and pipes from pool to pump house – 5m;
· Connect Electric Box with timer and separate light switch;
· Totally finished!

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