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Swimming Pool Build – From Fibreglass to Concrete

Fibreglass Swimming Pool to Gunite Concrete Swimming Pool

Located in Bonalba Golf – Alicante, the client had this pool from ten years ago and it was being repaired several times.
Because it was keep loosing water and the look was getting worse and worse, he decided to call us for ideas.

The options were: 1 – to keep repairing the cracks, or 2 – to build a new pool.

The problem in this urbanization – Arboleda – ( the whole Bonalba area has this problem basically) is that the land is not stable and keeps sinking.

After removing the fibreglass pool( cutting it into pieces), we found that it had only a concrete layer underneath and nothing around it, just sand.
The concrete layer under the pool had a big crack all the way through the middle , had no metal mesh in it and it had hollow areas underneath.
We’ve demolished this layer, disposed it, properly compacted the soil and started to build the new pool.

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