Infinity Swimming Pool

Coveta Fuma
El Campello  – Alicante

Infinity Swimming Pool

   The construction of an Infinity Swimming Pool, as all other swimming pools, involves careful attention about the structure.

   The job is located in Coveta Fuma, El Campello, Alicante, where the landscape is very rocky, uneven, so even that the garden had a huge level difference, from the house to the street level, the client decided to have an Infinity Pool. Because of the level differences, we had to build a very solid structure, so the weight of the pool, plus the 60m³ of water, to hold in place and avoid any movement in time.

   This Infinity pool has two side walls at the water level, so it gives that feeling of smooth surface. Beside that, the water is being collected into a gutter, then into a deposit, and the pump is bringing it back to the pool.

The tiles used were dark blue tiles, without Greek border, that gives the pool a modern look.

   For the terrace, we’ve used huge slabs, 1,20m x 0,6m, in natural stone.


Client location:
Coveta Fuma, El Campello, Alicante, Spain

Project Included:

  • Concrete Structure for Pool & Terrace
  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Tiled terrace – 120cm x 60cm Slabs
  • Pump House building
  • Halogen lights

Project Status:
Completed in March 2011

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