When making a decision about which type of backyard pool is better – Fibre Glass vs Concrete, there are several things to consider.

If the pool will be used by young children or primarily by adults, the options change.
If a pool is to be placed in a locale where its use will be seasonal or if year long use is an option, longevity becomes important.
Whether fibreglass or concrete, the choice of pool materials should be carefully made.

The Debate – Fibre Glass Vs Concrete

Manufacturers and installers of concrete pools will try to convince you that their product is better.
Fibreglass pool companies will do the same. The truth is that no one’s pool fits all. The secret to an informed choice, lies in a thorough examination of the pros and cons of both types of pool while keeping your own needs and circumstances in mind.

The Concrete Option
A concrete pool can be built to an extremely specific or customized size or shape. If the pool will be used for deep dives, a depth of greater than eight feet will be needed and concrete withstands the pressure of the surrounding soil better. Also, Concrete pools are a bit more expensive, look expensive, are more durable and will last longer. Concrete pools can also be larger because they do not require a prefab shell. If your garden is irregularly shaped or extra wide (greater than 6m), concrete is warranted as it can be custom built. If your pool will form an integral part of a landscaping plan and needs to resemble a pond with rock surrounds and a decorative waterfall, concrete does the job best.

The Fibreglass Option
If a pool of 5m by 10m or less will meet your needs, fibreglass is fine. If a quick install is important to you, fibreglass is ready for use in a much shorter space of time. Until you get use to it, there is a cheap “bathtub” effect of the fibreglass pool, that has to be taken in account.
If ground stability is an issue in the area in which you live, a fibreglass pool will flex with minor vibration.
If you don’t mind cleaning manually your textile filter of you filtration system, the fibreglasss is your pool.

Concrete Gunite Pool Advantages:

  1. It can follow any shape and size;
  2. It can have Infinity edge;
  3. It can have any colour in tiles or concrete finish;
  4. It can have a mosaic on the bottom;
  5. The Sand filtration system is automatic and low maintenance;
  6. It looks and feels expensive.
  7. It can be part of your landscaping;
  8. It lasts longer than a FibreGlass pool.

Fibre Glass Pool Advantages:

  1. It can be fitted in the same day;
  2. It’s cheaper than a Concrete pool.

If you’re still not convinced that the Fibreglass is not an option, below are three projects we did, to convert the pools from Fibreglass to Concrete: