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Fibre Glass Vs Concrete

fiber vs concrete

When making a decision about which type of backyard pool is better – Fibre Glass vs Concrete, there are several things to consider.

If the pool will be used by young children or primarily by adults, the options change.
If a pool is to be placed in a locale where its use will be seasonal or if year long use is an option, longevity becomes important.
Whether fibreglass or concrete, the choice of pool materials should be carefully made.

The debate: Fibre Glass Vs Concrete

Manufacturers and installers of concrete pools will try to convince you that their product is better.
Fibreglass pool companies will do the same. The truth is that no one’s pool fits all. The secret to an informed choice, lies in a thorough examination of the pros and cons of both types of pool while keeping your own needs and circumstances in mind.  Read the rest of this entry »