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Swimming Pools

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Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pools have been built in this country for well over a hundred years and have catered for the needs of all types and ages of swimmers. Although typical outdoor swimming season is May till October, with modern heaters and heat retaining covers it can be extended to April till November. This does mean that careful consideration needs to be given to the location of pool, with an ideal place being in direct sunlight but away from wind.
Our outdoor swimming pools complement the style of your property and can also add to the value of your house. We design and install pools utilising a variety of construction methods and based on site conditions and type of pool, carefully select the type of construction that will best suit your project, thus saving you money right in the beginning. We can also advise you on pool surrounds and surround lighting.
After the pool is finished, and the plumbing is ready, we would install the filtration and heating equipment.
We are happy to quote as well, for the landscaping or all other work the customer has to accomplish his dream garden.

Please fill up the form on Contact Us page, and we would be happy to assist you in realising your dream pool.