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Dream Garden

We turn your garden into your DREAM GARDEN


We build your Swimming Pool in 15 Days with 10 years Guarantee.

  • If you are thinking of improving your garden but you don’t know exactly how, we can help you.
  • If you know exactly what you want, but you can’t find a reliable builder, we can help you.

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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Building a Swimming Pool

If you are considering building a swimming pool, you have probably heard the horror stories. Before you start wading through volumes of manuals, and have dozens of builders scheduled to come and give you a free estimate for your swimming pool construction, read the following ten tips about contracting a constructor to build a swimming pool at your home. Heeding this simple advice could save you a great deal of aggravation, not to mention money, in the long run.


Top Ten Mistakes People Make When Contracting a Constructor To Build a Swimming Pool:

  1. Shopping like you are buying a car.

    Swimming pools are custom construction projects and are built by many individual trades and pool contractors with different standards. All pools are not built the same, unlike a car which is manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions. With a swimming pool much of what you do not see will impact the cost of pool ownership.

  2. Not asking enough questions.

    Do not assume every builder is going to give you an education about constructing a pool or is capable of giving you one, for that matter. The more you know and understand about swimming pool construction the better buyer you will ultimately be. This helps you and your pool contractor. Do your homework. Your resources are endless, so use them!

  3. Paralysis by analysis.

    This is when someone gets 10-15 or more estimates for swimming pool construction and then can’t make a decision because they have become so confused. Do your due diligence and get 3 or 4 estimates from reputable swimming pool companies. Then make your decision and go with it. Read the rest of this entry »

You notice that your pool is losing water. Now what?

There are 4 possible reasons why you are losing water:

pool losing water

  1. Your filter may be losing water through the backwash hose due to a warped gasket in your multi-port. Replace the gasket in your multi-port.
  2. The pipe for your main drain may have cracked. Jump into the pool and plug up the main drain.
  3. A suction or return pipe may be cracked. This is BAD! Read below and contact a professional to have the lines pressure tested.
  4. There may be a crack in the pool wall or a leak behind the light. This is BAD! Read below and  Read the rest of this entry »

Not a very nice view? We have the solution!

Swimming pool renovation

pool renovation

is usually more involved and complex than building the same swimming pool from scratch.

A thorough knowledge of pool installation processes and proper understanding of filtration systems is necessary to even comprehend the scope of work required for a seemingly minor swimming pool revation project.

We have been involved in many pool renovation projects and these can be put into two categories:

  1. The more popular revation involves updated the look and feel of the pool, and is typical of with renovation of older properties that already have a pool installed. Things to bear in mind are the existing finishes, pipe routes for old pool plumbing and electrical installation both in and around pool.In a majority of cases, the filtration and heating system is as old as the pool itself and needs to be updated as well, considering that the design criteria for pools have changed a lot in the last 30 years. But in some cases where the filtration had undergone a midlife update, and has been done correctly, it can be left alone. This is usually a good opportunity to add modern technology components like automatic pool covers and Ozone / UV disinfection etc.
  2. The other type of revation is the addition of specific equipment or features to an existing running pool. This may be to upgrade the pool to bring it up to certain regulations, as is the case with several commercial complexes, or to generally improve the performance of an otherwise running system. Read the rest of this entry »